Why, yes, it HAS been a long time since we put up a new blog post! That’s because we spent most of January doing a blog tour for SANCTUARY BAY, which was super fun. On the up side, we discovered lots of fantastic book blogs to follow. On the down side, we discovered lots of fantastic book blogs to follow! When are we supposed to get any writing done when we’re so busy reading them all? (Seriously, people, follow these blogs.)

We did an interview with Ali over at Dazzled by Books, which included a discussion of princesses and villains, always a favorite topic for us. You can also enter to win a copy of our book there if you hurry!

Check out our dream casting for Sanctuary Bay on Samantha’s blog: (And thanks for the great review, Samantha!)

We talk about some of the perks—and the drawbacks—of writing with a partner over at Book Briefs.

A fun Q&A on Veronica’s Literate Girl blog:

At Paperback Treasures, we chat about how to combine YA tropes with other genres:

Where do we find inspiration for our characters? Find out at Books and Ladders

Here’s to Happy Endings! (It’s not just a toast, it’s also the name of this excellent blog.)

No blog tour would be complete without a stop at YA Reads!